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    Fillderma Repair is a gel that is injected into the dermis.

    • The filler must be injected by qualified doctors who have received appropriate training in injection techniques for filling facial wrinkles.
    • Before treatment, the patient should be informed about the device indications, contraindications and unwanted side effects.
    • Disinfect the area to be treated. Ensure to perform the injection on sterile conditions.
    • Syringes and needles are of single use. Not reusable.
    • Before applying the filler, keep the product at room temperature for 30 minutes.
    • The amount injected depends on the pressure exerted or on the desired level of correction.
    • If the treated area turns white (pallid skin), immediately stop the injection and massage until the skin regains its normal color.
    • Before applying the filler, press the syringe plunger until you see a small drop on the tip of the needle